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How to convince people? Private convincing may not be a problem, but how to convince people of a product. In the following, we have compiled 3 tips to make it easier for you to find new customers. Also take a look at our Media Buying Tutorial.

Affiliate Marketing Basic Tips


3 tips on how to convince people

In order to convince a person you could make yourself and the product limited. You can tell the potential customer that many others are also interested in this product, or that it is only available to a limited extent. A good example of this is an auto-purchase. You could, of course, invite each interested person individually. Whoever, however, invites everyone to an appointment, creates the scarcity. In the end, this also works when you buy something. You can argue against the seller that you get the same offer elsewhere at a cheaper price. As a result, the seller feels a certain pressure and makes a better offer.


The second tip is sympathy. Many try to keep a certain distance when they sale something. It is much more important to build sympathy and closeness. Whoever appears to us as a friend, we also trust more and more quickly. One should try to discover similarities between himself and his potential customer. Same values are very important. Same interests and visions can create a trustworthy relationship.


Finally, it is about the so-called anchor. The anchor is the price. Who first calls the price, thus sets the anchor. Of course this must be realistic. No matter who started the first price, it must be realistic – not to. The product offered has its fixed value and should also be achieved. That is why it is difficult to offer something on a negotiation basis. The potential customer can thereby name a price that is too far away from the value of the product. Now bringing it to the actual price becomes very difficult. That is why, from the outset, a clear framework is created.


Basic’s only

These are only a few, but the most important tips to be successful. They can be implemented perfectly and can also be used in everyday life. Whoever takes these tips to heart will soon be successful selling. If you need more input feel free to write us and take a look at Affiliate Partners LTD


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