Facebook Advertising Trick 2017

Free Facebook advertising, is it possible? Facebook is a very popular platform for ad campaigns. Of course you have to pay for your campaign, but we want to tell you a little trick on how to start a great campaign to achieve high volume traffic at low cost.

free facebook advertising trick


Facebook advertising for free?

It sounds incredible at first, but it is possible. The most important is the content. You need an eyecatching ad.
The image must have the potential to go viral. An appealing picture and a motivating text is very important.
Everything should match the offered product, it is important not to make it look like an advertisement. If this has been achieved, work on a good description. This should symphytically call for an action. You can start with a question to get a direct response. After that a brief description should follow, which refers to the question and offers a solution. The link to the desired goal should also be included. Now you only have to select the right target group. The foundation for a successful Facebook campaign has already been laid

After we have applied our image, the first clicks are coming soon. You pay ONLY for direct interactions.
Here is the Trick: Sharing the picture!
From this point on, any interaction with the shared ad is free. This reduces the click price and can break it down to almost 0.02$. Normally, Facebook is rounding off to 0.00$.
You can scale up your ads with a good mindset, so feel free to checkout our Affiliate Marketing Tips here.

Test different ads

So you can also reach a lot on Facebook with a small budget. The aspect that people like and share helps us very much here. Keep going and test different ads with different targets. Feel free to ask Affiliate Partners LTD for help.



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