Media Buying Tutorial 2017

Media Buying is one of the most demanding topics in the field of Affiliate Marketing. Successful marketers use media buying to make their products visible online and to approach customers. In our Media Buying Tutorial, we will show you how the online advertising business actually works.

What is Media Buying?

Media buying is basically the purchase of media like banners on other websites or a popup ad. You see the same banners on different websites over and over again. The more often you see them, the higher is the probability that you will click on it, isn’t it?. You need a suitable campaign to appear on websites with relevant topics. This generates a lot of clicks and also your first money, because the more visitors are on the site you are advertising on, the more sales are possible.

In our Media Buying Tutorial we will show you on how to build a campaign the best way. Let’s look at the most elementary points:

1. First you have to find a suitable offer to apply. This requires some research.
2. Afterwards, the banners are need to be designed. The important thing is to build up visual attention at the customers, to animate them to a “click”. Here’s an example:


Media Buying Tutorial
Colors, Money and FREE are simple eyecatcher


3. The next step is optional, but important. You create a landing page. Here, the user is again clarified about the product and its advantages and usually receives a direct purchase option.
4. For the next step we need to find relevant advertising space for our banners. This can be done in 2 ways. You speak directly to the operator of a website and ask, for example, to send the mediadata to place your banner there. The second and easiest way is to visit a network that is designed for media buying. You can search for suitable portals fitting your product and book relevant advertising space.
5. The last and most important point in Media Buying is A/B testing. You create different banners that vary in size and structure. By collecting data and comparing the results, you can optimize your campaign. If you notice that a certain banner works well, you build the others on the same way. And now you can buy new advertising space again. Try to find websites that fit their products and their target group. This targeted type of advertising makes it possible to generate a fully automated sales process for your Media Buying campaign.

Getting started

We at Affiliate Partners LTD offer optimal products for media buyers. In addition to the numerous sales funnels, the network also offers a large portfolio of suitable banners and other advertising media. In addition, campaign budgets can be better calculated on the basis of paid commissions on CPA basis.

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